A Sinful Colors System Challenge (Day 3 and Last Day)

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Onto Day 3 and the last day. I have come across many chips on 5 out of my 10 nails. On my left hand my thumb nail took more of a beating and my ring finger nail has a chip on the right side:
I don't know why these pics have the area around my cuticles looking so red, they're really not. On my left hand, my thumb nail also started chipping on the right side (I think I use the thumb nails as my 'tool' nails), my index and middle nails started chipping on the right sides as well:

These pics really don't do the color or my nails justice. The color is awesome (still have not gotten it back from my friend, so I don't know the color) and I would say that for 3 days this system held up pretty well. I'm sure if I reapplied the topcoat everyday or every other day it would have held up longer.

Well that's it for this week. I will be back next week with more colors: I am getting new Nubars and I have OPI Sephora to give a shot.

See you next week!