eBay cassiecosmetics Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Haul!

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I just got my haul from cassiecosmetics from eBay! Here they are:
They all came in this cute bag with Sally Hansen La Cross Purse Pack Disposable Emery Boards. How sweet!
These are all taken in different kinds of lamp light

(l-r): Coral Amber, Pink Rose Diamond, Garnet Lapis, Lapis Amethyst

Coral Amber

Pink Rose Diamond

Garnet Lapis

Lapis Amethyst

Here's a close-up of the cute rose on the bag
Whaddya think? Did I do good?
Thanks for looking!


Brooke said...

great haul! and the extras she sent were such a nice touch. its the little things like that, that make me a repeat customer.

cant wait to see them on ya!

Karen said...

Hi Nessa,

What a fun haul. I'm crushing on Pink Rose Diamond.:)

Nessa said...

Brooke- wasn't that nice? I was so excited when I saw the bag b/c roses are my fav!
Karen- I think I already had Pink Rose Diamond and this one was a backup. Or not at all, can't remember. It's great tho, huh?