New Drugstore NP Displays!

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Sorry there haven't been any posts for a while, Ladies. I have been sick, still am. But feeling well enough to blog and scope out new np's at the drugstores that I have been a regular at for meds.

I did not purchase any of these, I am on a np strike since I have spent so much on Sally Hansen Nail Prisms from eBay (don't worry I will post pics when they arrive). A strike except for maybe Avon Charge Artist Transforming Nail Color ever since I saw Jen's review.

The first one up is Walgreens where I saw these 2 displays:

Feel free to enlarge, but this was taken with my crappy camera phone. The Tropical Colors don't really look much different from their regular colors, they are $1.99 each. I wouldn't jump on them myself.

The Shamrock Colors sparkle do not have little shamrock in them :( I thought they would have. If they did, one would have been mine, muhahah! Maybe they did and I was too out of it to notice? I believe these were also $1.99 each.

I found this next display at CVS:

Sorry this pic is worse than the others. Milani Illustrations of Love $3.79 each. Not sure if I would go crazy over these either.

Have you seen these around your local dugstores? What do you think? Would you buy? Are you heading out for them right now?


Brooke said...

OMG!@! I was just saying how I wasn't going to be buying any more nail polish, and then I see those sinfuls! I must have those!!

Nessa said...

I'm guessing you haven't seen the display then?
I know that was kinda smart-ass.
Pull through, Brooke! NP strike must live on!

Brooke said...

I just called the walgreens here by my work and she said that there are four colors on the shamrock display, your pic it looks like there is only two? Did you see four colors at your walgreens?

She also said she was sold out of two of the colors and only had a few left of the two remaining ones!

Nessa said...

I only saw 2 and they had a good amount of those 2 colors. OOOoo u better get on that!

Brooke said...

Ok, last comment on this I swear :)

I got to Walgreens and the lady I called had no idea what she was talking about, there are only two colors not four. So I got the two colors :)

They didn't have the other collection set up at two of the walgreens I went to.

Nessa said...

THat must be a whole new kind of color blind! Did you do all that on your lunch?
Thanks for the update! Can't wait to see the colors on you! You gotta do something cool for St. Patty's Day. Oh does the green sparkles have shamrocks in it?

Brooke said...

No shamrocks for sparkles - booooO! It has glitter and some flakies in it though.

Bella said...

Chica, hope you are feeling better!!!!

Nessa said...

Thanks, Bella. I am heading off to the dr in about an hour!