NOTD: Bouquet of Red Roses Konad V-Day Mani

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OK really a bad pic and bad application, but I'm not changing it!

And one of the worse pics on top of it!

I used

OPI Make Love 3 coats (4 on some b/c of streaking/dragging)

For the m65 Konad: Ulta brand np Totally Hot

This was extra hard to do b/c the stamper for Konad is RED!!! I didn't think about that going into it!

My first attempt I used Isadora Summer Red, but it was too runny. Then after I finished this horrid thing I topped it with Nail Tek II topcoat and it SMEARED

*sobs to herself AND hangs head in shame*

I'm afraid to ask what you think...but I will anyways

And any advice with Konading?


Brooke said...

DOn't you just hate it when the konad doesn't work as planned? I am just so fed up with it all by the time I get done painting my nails, letting them dry and then getting the konad stuff all set up. Wish I could see it better in the pic. I think I know the pattern you are talking about, I have seen it on other nail blogs.

Nessa said...

I will take another pic of this when I get the new camera, hopefully tomorrow!