NOTD: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond

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This reminds me of just after high school. My best friend and I worked at Walgreens and wore this one out! More so the Blush Diamond that was our favorite. I still have that one too. I bid on a bunch of different colors on eBay.

Lately I have been obsessed with holos. I can't get enough of them. I really want to get the Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup, but everywhere I find them they are about $12 not including shipping! I am going to be ordering some Nfu-Ohs soon. Brooke from GETCHA NAILS DID is gonna try out the formula of Nfu-Ohs' holos and let me know what she thinks. Nevertheless I am probably still gonna order them. They are $8.50 at, So I think these are a nice replacement.

This is 3 coats. It was kinda runny. I don't know if that's from it's age or the formula.

This was enlarged to show the lovely holo-y-ness and rainbowness of it!

What do you think? How does this compare to all the other holos that are out there?


Brooke said...

That color looks great on you. I had looked at getting some of the magicals, but I decided my China Glazes were just as good.

Nessa said...

Thanks, Brooke!
Yea those magicals are something else, but too rich for my taste!

Alice said...

I found a bunch of Sally Hansen prisms and magicals on ebay.

User name cassiecosmetics

I have purchased from them several times and they are simply wonderful with the lowest prices on ebay (and an insanely huge selection) so I like to recommend them.

I haven't tried Purple Diamond yet, but the color looks nice on you so that may be my next purchase.