Sinful Colors System Challenge Retry (Day 2)

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So this is Day 2 of my Sinful Colors System Challenge Retry (that's a little long!) And I am kinda pleased with the results. I applied another layer of Top Shine topcoat yesterday afternoon before the Grey's Anatomy crossover.
There is some wear on the tips and a bit of peeling on my thumb nail.
I'm going to try to keep this on over the weekend, but not too sure it is going to last that long.
Here are some pics: (Man I need a camera!!! Sorry again!)

Before I leave you for the weekend, I wanted to share my recent haul from Trans Design !

I heard about this place from Nail Juice and they have the best prices around. This is my haul with prices list:

MISA-No Shrinking Violetta $2.99

ESSIE-Sexy Divide $3.80

MISA-Radiant *D $2.99

MISA-Sun Kissed $2.99

MISA-Luminous $2.99

MISA-Fleeting Hibiscus $2.99

MISA-fatal affair $2.99

CND-Hotski to Tchnotchke $2.99

OPI-Chapel of Love $4.73

OPI-Play ‘Til Midnight $4.73

OPI-DS extravagance $6.95

OPI-Paris Couture for Sure *D $4.73

CG-Devotion $2.60

CG-DV8 $3.60

CG-2NITE $3.60

I can't believe I found the OPI DS for so cheap! Every where else was around $12! And shipping for all of this was around $8. Not bad! Did I do good or what?

Can't wait until I get them then I can share them all with you.

Have a great weekend!


Brooke said...

Great haul! I can't wait to see em! Did you see the swatches I just did the other day for Misa - Fleetin Hibiscus? It is gorgous! I loved this color, it was so pigmented for such a light pink shade.

Nessa said...

I did see your swatch, it was what made me want to get that color. Thanks!

Brooke said...

Oh good! I am always happy when I make others feel the need to buy polish! lol