Cool Pic and Site I Found from Nixxy's Nails!

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Really awesome pic I found:

taken from
Click for larger awesomeness!

This website I found out about from Nixxy's Nails, here is her post about it.
Vivid Nails is an Australian company that trains Nfu-Oh classes and sells Nfu-Oh. Even though I'm in the US, I think it's cool to check out other country's nail stuff. There is also a blog that goes along with the site.
Just wanted to share!


Brooke said...

That pic looks so colorfull! Wouldn't it be so cool to walk into a store that sold Nfu Oh and be able to acutally LOOK at the colors before you bought them?

Of course this would lead to MUCH MUCH MUCH spending - on second, I'm sure GLAD there isn't a store I can walk into - lol

Nessa said...

Isn't it awesome!! So rainbow-y. It would be cool to go in there, but then again, I like seeing swatches on nails before buying. But yah you're right it would lead to WAY TOO MUCH $PENDING!!

Bella said...

the pic is indeed awesomeness~~!!