First 5000 Ladies to go to Glamour's Website Tomorrow @ Noon Win a Bottle of Essie Glamour Do!

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That's right, Ladies! It's that easy! Tomorrow at noon click the pic above to win a bottle of Essie Glamour Do, a limited edition pale pink.

But you must hurry! It's only for the first 5000 ladies!

Good Luck!


Brooke said...

Hey girl, thanks for that reminder email you had sent to me! I hope I got in in time to snag me a bottle of this nail polish. :)
You're a sweetheart!

The Asian Girl said...

Yay! This reminds me of the Essie Pama giveaway last year...hope I got in on time. I was very lucky with Pama; I pretty much gave up hope when I saw all the nail bloggers with it; I figured I entered too late, but lo and behold, almost a month later my own bottle arrived! Thanks a bunch!

Nessa said...

No, problem, girls! Happy to help! I wish there were more of these mass giveaways! I will be on the lookout for them. ;)