KOTD: WnW Black Creme and Konad #71 over Nfu-Oh #63 FAIL???

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Idk about this! I keep having so much trouble with Koni's! I used WnW over top of Nfu-Oh #63 pink holo. I started with using Creative VooDoo, but it came out too sheer, which you can kinda see on this next pic. There's a light, faded black underneath this dark black.
The nail that looks the best is the index finger below. Ironically, it was the first nail that I did.
So I decided to use WnW Black Creme. After I stamped the image and I lifted it off the nail, the polish got stringy. Do you know what I mean? Like on the pinky in the above pic. It did not transfer in the middle of the top part of the design b/c it got all stringy and clumpy!

And then, of course, the whole image doesn't transfer! Like the little dots that criss-cross between the bigger dots.
I believe that I read on MUA that WnW black creme is good for Koni's, but I haven't really found a great np brand for Koni's.
I really like this image and I just got a bunch of new Konad IP and I really want them to look great. Some gals at my job said they look awesome and from far away they aren't bad, but just me knowing how bad they are really makes it look bad for me, anyway. (Now I understand the crookedness I will have to work on myself. That I know!)
Any help would be appreciated! Am I being too hard on myself?


Bella said...

hermana... you are a nail mage!!!

Colette said...

I've had good luck with Misa, but I've only tried once so far. Next mani will be with another color though, and their formula is nice & thick & pigmented so I'm hoping for more good results.

Rai said...

That's so cute!!

The Asian Girl said...

I'm having a ton of Konad problems...maybe if I weren't such a cheapskate and bought some special polishes, maybe it would work better! Oh, well. That image plate is ADORABLE, btw!

Nessa said...

Thanks, Ladies! Asian Girl, I have some special polishes and I don't know if they really are. They don't look like Pixie's, they are VERY small and when I use them they are VERY faint and faded. I just don't know what to do.
Maybe I will try those Misas, Colette. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jamie said...

So I'm not alone then...good to know.

Sorry you're having such trouble with these - I have a terrible time with konad stamping, but I need to practice more. I love that plate though...the image is really cool, and I bet it does look fine from a ways away!

Good luck practicing! Maybe we'll both get the hang of it eventually, eh?

Nessa said...

No, Jamie, you are def not alone!
From far away it does look awesome.
Good luck to you too. I made a promise to myself to do a Koni everytime I change my color (maybe not the same day), just for practice-sake!

Brooke said...

I love that pattern :)

I heard that if you lightly rough up your stamper with like a nail file or buffer it will help pick up your images better.

I have had my polish "string" on me a few times, but I thought it was drying to fast. So I wouldn't scrape as hard so that I left more polish in the pattern, so that it wouldn't dry so quickly.

Konads are such trial and error. Sometimes I will just practice stamp on a peice of paper to see how it will work before I mess up a mani with it.

Another trick I have used is,(and you have to have a nice layer of top coat on your mani, or it won't work) if I mess up a stamp I will take a acetone soaked cotton ball and just ever so lightly wipe the konad off my nails. I have tried this when I have stamped with Konad SP, but I am sure it would work when using reg. polish too.

I have one more trick that I do too! lol Sometimes I will paint like one coat of color on all my nails and just go to town with the konad kit, trying different colors, polish brands, etc. Then when I find the color combo I like, or which pattern works the best then i will take off the practice art and then do my whole mani with the design I liked the best.

Gosh i know that was winded, but i hope that helps :)

(p.s. my verification word was "nessor" lol)

Nessa said...

OMG thanks soo much, Brooke! These are all great things for me to try. Now I know where to find the info too. I can just go to my post and check what you wrote!
Best advice ever!
LOL to nessor!