NOTD for the 1st Day of Spring: HOLO NFU-OH!

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Ladies, I give you Nfu-Oh #63!! It is just holo-goodness and a great color to celebrate increasing temperatures!

Let's start with the good and we will work our way to the bad :(

Artificial Light

I felt that artificial light captured the holo the best, but here it is in the sun.

This isn't the bad, but you see my cuticles in the above pic? Well I use lotion constantly, focusing on my cuticles and the dry cuticle skin still returns! I have used Nailtek lotion (which renews everytime it touches water), OPI exfoliating exfoliating cuticle lotion, many different cuticle oils, and I recently started using CND Rejuvenate and Renew (I think that's what they're called); none of these get me anywhere! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know in the comments.
Now onto the bad...

This is taken with sunlight behind my nails, and you can clearly see the dragging effect.
I used Nail Tek II basecoat and 3 coats with a coat of Seche quick dry. Then I did one more coat of #63, which helped cover up the visible dragging and another Seche topcoat.
I felt that I could feel the grittness of the polish as a applied it. Did anyone else feel that or was it just me?
This is my second day of wearing this and I opened a closed full banker boxes all day (and those are very hard to open and close) and I haven't had any chipping!
For the work that I had to do to apply it, I just can't stop looking at my nails!
How do y'all like my new layout?


Pixie said...

I love my Nfu-Oh holos, but they are very trickly to apply. I still haven't found the perfect basecoat for them. I'm thinking of trying to special Nfu-Oh one.

Love the new layout. Very spring/summer :)

Nessa said...

Well I am on my 3rd day of this mani and it seems to be holding up with the Nailtek II basecoat and Seche topcoat. But I would assume that Nfu-Oh basecoat would be the best.

Thanks I love the layout too, finally! The springy was exactly what I was going for. ;)

MrsKiwiYeti said...

Hi Nessa,

For your cuticles I would HIGHLY recommend using T.I.P.S oil. I buy mine at QVC. Within 2 days you'll see an incredible difference. Within 4-5 days your cuticles will just disappear! The bottles are very tiny - but I've tried most everything, and this is 'da bomb'! :}
Thanks for the great website!