NOTD: Misa Radiant topped with Nfu-Oh #50

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So here I give you Misa Radiant topped with Nfu-Oh #52. Sorry I didn't take any pics of Radiant alone. As soon as I finished with Radiant (I think it was three coats and still not opaque), I whipped out #52. Radiant (to me) made my nails look yellow-y. It is a frosted light blue with gold shimmer. The gold part made it look yellow-y. So I topped it off with #52 (2 coats) b/c I really wanted to use it. Here are the pics with artificial light.

As you can see there are some dents and it almost looks 'wavy' with #52 on top? I don't know, not a good color combo. I really don't like sheers and this is def one of 'em.
What do you think? I only wore this for a day. I just couldn't stand it!


Miss Yaya said...

i really like it

the confirmation word on this comment is PEDISFAB guess its time for a pedi hehe

Nessa said...

Thanks. I'm glad someone does.

That's cute, I just did a pedi on myself. It's crazy b/c it's still cold here. I did an orange with green and pink sparkles!