What Do You Think of e.l.f. cosmetics?

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OK, I'll admit it-I'm being a bit lazy today!! Instead of me going around and seeing what blogs I can find that tell me about this line, I'm going to ask in a post and you can tell me :)

What do you think of e.l.f. cosmetics?

Not just the nail polish (even though I am going to try that). The eyeshadow, brushes, concealer, foundation, etc.. For almost everything being $1, I'm wondering how great their stuff is.

Please let me know in the comments below.

ALSO: For every 2 e.l.f. items you purchase, 50% your 3rd item of equal or lesser value! Code: ECBUYBZ

***EDIT: Just got an e-mail- buy 1 get 1 50% off! Code: E65PRaP***

Just a little something to show my appreciation for y'all (unless you already knew about it!)

Thanks, Ladies!



Rai said...

I like their brushes, amazing for $1. The lippies are pretty decent, too. Sometimes what's pictured on the site is not necessarily the actual color. So be aware of that.

Heard their mineral makeup is actually good, so I just recent ordered some also ordered nail polish. But overall I think it's a fairly good cosmetic company.
Who doesn't enjoy something in the $1-$3 range. LOL

leo said...

I'm writing from europe (italy, actually) and here we don't have all the products you get in the US - and the price is higher.
the mineral eyeshadows are great, and I like the lipglosses (those in the tubes), the custom eyeshadows and the all-over color sticks; thumbs down for the polishes, the formula isn't just right for me and the colors are lame.
well, for that price... it's more than enough!!

Nessa said...

Rai- I was hoping you would answer b/c I know that you shop there, so thank you!
I was really looking at updating my brushes, so that's good that you like them! That's kinda stupid that the colors don't match what it actually is. Thanks for the input!

Leo- I was thinking about the mineal and custom eyeshadows, I think I might try them! That sucks about the polishes, though. I might still get one at least. I like Coral. Thanks for letting me know, though!

Bella said...

I've had 2 e.l.f. hauls including brushes, lipsticks, lipglosses and eyeshadows. I think they are a-o-k- but indeed, you get what you paid for.

My eyeshadows are almost gone, and the pen eyeliners are drying so fast it's not funny.

Rai said...

The colors are pretty much accurate, but some can be just a little misleading.

Like with the mineral eyeshadow. I thought this color was a navy blue, NOPE! It's a gray-ish color and it's MATTE! =[ They don't list whether a color is matte or shimmer. Check out these swatches though.

But try e.l.f. out, especially the brushes. I'm sure you'll like it!

Body and Soul said...

I have never used any of their make-up or n/p but I love, love, love their eyelash curler. Better than any I've ever tried.

Nessa said...

Bella, thanks for letting me know about the pen eyeliners. I'm pretty set on my fav one- Maybelline

Rai, I will def check out your swatches. Thanks for the link!

Mary, thanks for letting me know about the eyelash curler. I'm looking for a good one and refills. Do they have refills for it? I guess I can just buy a new one for that price, though!

Nessa said...

Oh sorry! From the post above: My fav liner is Maybelline Line Stylist® Eye Liner in Bronze Gleam!