40% off at Senggigi Enterprises for Konad Supplies

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Senggigi Enterprises is going out of business :(

I got these e-mail from them:

"We have decided to focus our resources on our other business venture and in
doing so, discontinue operation of our Online Konad Store. This can be great
news for you as we are discounting all of our in stock products by 40%. Please
be aware that our free shipping policy is now free shipping on purchases of $30
or more.
Orders will be filled in a first come, first served manner until
all inventory is gone. Items have been going fast since we updated the web site.
We are still going to be in the Health and Beauty business and we will send
you more details in a separate email."

So, I just picked up these image plates all for $4.19!

I got these 4 for the stars, mostly.

From all of these and the ones that I ordered last week, I better become the best Konader out there!!

They are going fast so head on over there! HERE is a good place to check out the IP without clicking and opening a new page.


Pixie said...

I absolutely love m11. Such a cute plate! I might have to pick up m33. I've been thinking about that one.

So sad about Senggigi closing down :( It's nice to have a selection of retailers.

Nessa said...

They are cute aren't they, Pixie? It is sad about them closing, but they said that they will still be in the Health and Beauty business, so I will keep all of you updated!

Velvet said...

Oh my! Guess I better go check em out! Thanks for the update!