Gradation Attempt #1

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So I have been meaning to do a gradation ever since I saw these ladies do theirs. You can click the link to be brought to their post.
Decorative Diva
Nail Juice
Nail Art World
Both Nail Juice (Steph) and Decorative Diva's are the same. Which was they used a darker pink on the tips then a light pink for the rest of the nail. Nail Art World (Dreamka) used polish colors that went on sheer and just kept applying coats: one coat on the tips, then half the nail, then the full nail and finished with a topcoat.
I tried Dreamka's way first with Revlon Glimmer Glosses (a pink, a peach, and a purple). These are very sheer and have glitter in them. Dreamka says that polishes with glitter don't work too well, which these didn't. So I didn't take any pics of these. These are labeled sheer, too. I think she meant that the polishes that you use can't be labeled sheer? Not too sure.
So the pics that I have for you are how Steph and Decorative Diva did theirs, except different colors. I used Ulta Flamingo on tips Revlon Glimmer Gloss Strawberry Sizzle on the rest of the nail.
My process was I used NailTek II basecoat, then I applied Flamingo on the tips, then on some nails immediately after I applied Strawberry Sizzle backwards (the opposite way you normally apply polish) on half of the nail. This made it blend better, but it also took some of the color with it, which made it a tiny bit streaky. Unfortunately I only did 2 nails this way :( On the rest of the nails I applied Flamingo on all the tips of an entire hand then applied SS backwards over half the nail.
Then on all fingers I applied another coat of SSe normally. After this I don't know how many more coats I did of SS to get what I have below, but I topped it all off with Seche.

As you can see this looks 'gouge-y' I don't know why?! It really doesn't look like that in real life. Also I should have gone a little lower with the Flamingo b/c you can still see the white of my nails. Another also: it makes my nails look a bit yellow.

What do y'all think?


Velvet said...

I've never tried this before! So.. I think you did a fantastic job!! Thumbs up!

Nixxy said...

Coool - one day I will try when i have the patience.

Vanessa said...

I think you did a great job, and practice makes perfect as the old saying goes ;)
I gotta try this one day, so cool!

Nessa said...

Velvet- thanks I wasn't too sure if I was going to post these, but I said why not?!

Nixxy- you should give it a shot, it really didn't take that long especially b/c you have to keep adding coats while the others are pretty wet.

Vanessa- I think I might try this again with the scented Revlon, but I am def going to do a full mani with it first, once i take the gradation off.

Brooke said...

Looks pretty good to me. I have been practicing with my gradation liquid that Jen sent me and let me tell you, it isn't any easier with this! lol

Jen said it takes a little practice so I am still working on it.

Great job!!

Nessa said...

thanks, brooke! can't wait to see your pics on gradation! you puttin them up soon?

Body and Soul said...

That turned out pretty good! I keep saying on my blog that I'm going to try this, but I have yet to do it!

Nessa said...

Mary- do it! do it!

Rosanna said...

have you ever tried using a thicker polish as the tip then just going over the nail (in the normal direction) with a clear coat/shimmery coat? The wetness of the top coat will drag some of the color off from the thicker polish. here's a link of someone that does gradation a lot for their nails (she also does a lot of nail designs!)

um actually... i'll get back to you on that.. i'll find it probably within the week but I forgot the blog post...

Nessa said...

Rosanna- This is my first attempt ever at this. I kinda did that on some nails (i think). Please send me that link when you find it, I need all the help I can get!

Rosanna said...

Okay, I finally found the site that I was talking about.

Here's her blogger info page
Name: Nikki (female, pisces, works in human resources as a manager in Manila, Philippines). She also does makeup tutorials (short and simple ones), reviews health and beauty products, she likes makeup, health and beauty products, hairstyles, haircuts, travel, music, food. Is a big blog follower. Been a blogger since jan. of 2008. Random thing that I like to look at but has had 7,700 profile views.

And here is the site:

Here are a few tutorials that she does the gradation (she usually puts artwork on her nails wheather it's konad nail stamping or just hand dotted/drawn):

Nessa said...

Rosanna- thanks so much for this! Her way looks soo much easier! I love that blog, too. B from Clumps of Mascara just referenced her too.
I tried that makeup sponge way that Zularis Naturals mentioned and it really did not work out for me. I will be giving Nikki's a try shortly.
Thanks again!