Happy 4th NOTD!!

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Hello all! I had some time to kill today between my mom finally coming over to see the house and my best friend coming over (we have lived here for 2 weeks and neither of them had come to see it!). So I decided to do a 4th mani. I was thinking Konad and I was going to use plate m14:

but after I saw Colette @ My Simple Pleaseure firework mani, it got me thinking of the flowing stripes I used to do on my nails way back when before I heard about Konad. I thought the stripes really resembled fireworks the most, so I copied a teeny tiny bit :)

2 coats of SH Insta Dri in Whirlwind White
Art Club Blue Glitter (since this wasn't as dark as Red Glitter I also dipped the brush in ChG Frostbite)
Art Club Red Glitter
Tips: OPI Paris Couture for Sure topcoat
Right now I am waiting for the bf to get home from his 1st 12-hour shift at the Fire Department. Then tomorrow we are going to relax during the day (hopefully) and head to his friend's parent's house to watch the fireworks. I got that new Off Fan, so we are going to test that out to see how good it is. Has anyone tried it yet? It's been sold out here, so it must be good, right?
What are your plans?
HAPPY 4th Of July!!!!


Mary said...

That's a fantastic 4th Mani! You did a great job. Enjoy the weekend and I hope you and your BF get a chance to relax and enjoy your new house :)

B said...

I am looovin' this, lady!

Kae said...

Looks great! Have a great weekend :D

Vanessa S said...

Very creative!!!!

Enjoy your Fourth!!!

Lucy said...

I love your "inspired mani", it looks adorable. Very pretty. Enjoy your holiday and your new house. God Bless both of you in it. Happy 4th of July everyone.

tuli said...

That is such a beauiful mani for 4th of July - I love it ! Hope you had a fun holiday :-)

Nessa said...

Thanks soo much, ladies. We really didn't do anything for the 4th. My bf was so exhausted from working at the fd that he just slept through the fireworks and it was really noisey around our house! Our dog, Bella was very nervous. She was panting and pacing all night. So we just ended up staying at home.
Hope you ladies had a nice holiday!

Colette said...

Nessa, I love your version! So fun for the holiday.

How did that Off fan work, anyway LOL? I was thinking of getting one because I hate having nasty-smelling bug spray on me.

Nessa said...

Colette~ thanks for the idea! I liked yours a LOT more than mine. Yours turned out sooo great, especially for your first time!

You know I never got around to using that OFF fan. We ended up staying at home with our scared dog :( But there are more fireworks coming up around here and I will try them then and let you know if they really work or not.