NOTD: Blink and Hologlow eyeshadows all by Spell Cosmetics

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Spell Cosmetics is a 'new-to-me' line of cosmetics with a lot of great colors for eyes, faces, lips, and of course...nails!

This gem I got from for $5.99. It was a Last Chance item the other day and now it's gone... :(

At first glance I thought this was a blurple, but it was definitely a deep blue (see pics below).This is pre-cleanup and I did 2 coats, it was pretty opaque in 1 but I did 2 for good measure. I also found out about their Hologlow eyeshadows from Decorative Diva. They were so pretty I had to get them. Check 'em out:

(l-r)(t-b): Halo, Absinthe, Moonlit, Embers, Blacklight

Halo, Absinthe, Moonlit, Embers, Blacklight






I really thought that I might be able to try these as a first franken np's for me. But after I saw how light theses really were, not too sure I would want to waste them if they turned out super sheer as np's. I really don't like the sheer ones. I don't know. Any ideas?

They are available here. Individually they are $9.00 each. If you buy all 5 of them you get one free for a total of $36. Plus if you join they're site you get $5.oo gift certificate! Another plus: I believe shipping in the US is free! They just rearranged their site and when I got all of these I had to pay $.10- still a deal!!

You like/hate?


Bionic Beauty said...

Hi Nessa, I LOVE Spell! And that nail polish you scored is absolutely gorgeous! I love blues. :)

I have 4 of their shadows. One is a great duochrome called Aurora. It's a medium purple toned pink that flashes blue and purple. REALLY cool!

Thanks for the swatches on the holo shadows. I've been wondering if I should order those!

Nessa said...

I knew that other girls would know about Spell. Thanks for sharing. Yes, u should splurge on the haloglows. Just know that they are very sheer. I applied the swatch on my hand with a qtip with a glob of the colors on there.