Wonderful (anniversary) Weekend

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So my bf and I finally were able to celebrate our 3 (or is it 4?) year anniversary! It was back in June, but since we were buying the house then we really didn't have time to celebrate. This past weekend we headed to downtown Chicago. Since we moved we are only about 50 minutes (without traffic) away from downtown, we used to be an hour and a half.

Last year we also went downtown and the bf surprised me with box seats to Wicked. This seems to be a yearly thing now so I let him pick this time. He picked the Shedd Aquarium and Museum of Science and Industry. I have been to the Shedd countless times, but I kept my mouth shut and we went. His older brother, his gf, and his friend and wife tagged along too.

We stayed at Hotel Allegro which I got for a great price from Hotwire.com. Now that site is pretty cool, but we kinda got jipped. Our room was tiny! Check the pics below. It was an older hotel that was renovated, but still! Also the elevators broke! My bf went down them, just to check them out b/c he's a firefighter and that's what they are taught to do, and when he went to go back up- they were broken! He was pissed and we were on the 14th floor! I didn't know whether to laugh or be mad for him.

This happened all after we went to Monk's Pub. A nice tavern with great burgers and you could throw peanuts on the floor! I didn't think they did that anymore! So I took a pic.

When we got to the Shedd we had to wait in an hour long line, ugh! It was hot, but there was a nice lake breeze. We saw SpongeBob in 4-D, which is 3-D but they also blow bubbles, air, pickle smell, and water at you. It was like 10 minutes but so much fun! We never made it to Science and Industry because it was so crowded at the Shedd, we got there late, and everything was closing early because it was Venetian Night.

Then we high-tailed it to the Grand Lux Cafe in the loop. It has the BEST food! I didn't take pics b/c we were too hungry.

Then we walked back to the lakefront just in time to miss the boats for Venetian Night. UGH! But we caught the fireworks which were awesome!

We headed back yesterday to remove a nasty little critter from our attic. Check out his work:

I think he is finally gone. We didn't hear him last night.

So how was your weekend?