But before I go... comparison question

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I was putting on CC Ultraviolet and I was thinking 'hey this kinda looks like RBL Scrangie.' Now that I get the 2 pics of the bottles together, they really don't look that similar.

I am really loving Scrangie (the polish) and I want to buy it, but I can't afford it. Does anyone have these 2 so they can do a comparison? Maybe me having CC UV will help me hold off on not going ballistic because I don't have RBL Scrangie.



KrisPrimps! said...

I have both - I'll swatch for you and post to my blog tonight. :)

contests and such said...

thanks so much, krisprimps! I hope I am not totally off base with this.

Jackie S. said...

There is a better, cheaper dupe for Scrangie its Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Polish in "Grape Going"...Vampy Varnish has a great swatch of it!

Discounted cosmetics said...

The violet one is so exciting.I always prefer to wear like this color.I used to EL-18 from a couple of years,but that are too light than this.So i want to buy it.Where can i find it?

contests and such said...

Hi Jackie, I did find Grape Going and it is awesome!

Discontinued cosmetics- I think I got this from Transdesign or 8ty8beauty.

Ladies- don't forget to go to my new blog a lot of contests and such! I am no longer posting here.