Friday Night Girls-Night-In Mani & Pedi

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So last night my best friend, Emily, and I had a Friday night Girls-Night-In and had a mani/pedi-a-thon with the new Zoyas I got. While we were doing this we had Heathers playing in the background.

Has anyone seen this movie? We rented it because it is a 'cult classic' comedy and we thought it would be good for a laugh. I don't think this should have been in the comedy section at all. It was rather dark.

Anyway, onto the polish!

First up is Pru. A warm pink with gold shimmer. Very beautiful. Below is 2 coats. These pics were taken on the fourth day!

natural light

thumb macro shot
see all that shimmeriness?

artifical light
this one is the best to how it looks IRL

I read somewhere recently that 2 basecoats is better than one, so I am going to start doing that from now on. I used Zoya's a coat each of: ridge filler, anchor, the polish (2 coats), armor, and hurry up drops. This mani lasted to 5 days without looking horrible!

Em liked Pru so much on my nails, she wanted them on hers! So here's her pics. Mind you, they were taken at like midnight last night so the lighting isn't spectacular. (these are all precleanup pics)

blurred to show the shimmeriness!

I feel that I have to do that now, just in case some are squimish about toes.

Here's Em toes with 2 coats of Salma. A lovely color!

Here's my mani. Lovely, bright Sienna. This is 3 coats and you can still see the VNL. I think next time I wear this I will do a first coat of a cream orange and top it with this. I think this is a great Halloween color!

midnight lighting

the next morning, natural light

thumb macro shot

Do you like Pru or Sienna? I know Salma has been on a lot of blogs lately b/c it is one of Zoya's newest colors.
How was your Friday night?


Stephanie said...

I have seen Heathers. Have the movie. I agree though should not be in comedy.

slow loris said...


Nessa said...

Stephanie~ Yes, definitely not a comedy.

slow loris~ helllllllllooooooooo! jajajaja. It is cool isn't it?

nicole said...

Goodness, yes, I remember Heathers. Classic 90s movie, with Christian Slater doing his best Jack Nicholson. I still remember when "What's your damage?" was being asked constantly. Love the Zoyas you chose :)

Nessa said...

Nicole~ Yes, a lot of 'what's your damage?' and 'very'. Like 'that sweater is so very'! Too funny!