Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Line

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I got the opportunity to try out Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly collection recently. I am not too sure this collection is for girls with fine hair that doesn't hold anything. My hair needs something that is not labeled a number one in the hold department. I need somewhere around a 5- extreme hold. I need something that is very sticky and stiff to hold my hair. Nevertheless, I still tried some different ways to see how this could work for me.

First I started out by washing and conditioning with the shampoo and conditioner (as you can see I have used a lot of the shampoo trying different styles). One thing to say about this whole line is it smells fantastic! Not too overpowering, just a nice floral scent, which owes it to the wild violet that's in it. The shampoo was a nice clear liquid that lathered well. If you have trouble getting a brush through your hair like me, this conditioner doesn't really help. I had to use an additional conditioner that was heavier to get a comb through my wet hair.

When my hair was toweled-dry, I applied a bit of the finishing cream. It says in the packaging that I received this with, that you can use this as a finishing cream or at the ends of your strands when it's wet for more moisture. Then I applied the mousse all over my hair.

I spritzed the spray gel in my hair after that and then braided my hair in 2 french braids. I had to wait until my hair was completely dry before I did this otherwise my hair would not have taken the braids and just all come out wet.

I finally spritzed it with the flexible hold spray all over my hair.

I did this all at night and then slept. In the morning I took out the braids.
Then I used a 3-barrel curling iron and crimped the top and the bottom of my hair with it.
And VIOLA! This nice 'du came out of that work.
...but by the end of the day... wah wah wah...

It all just lost it's hold. The style is still there, but the volume and the tightness of it wasn't. But I think even if I used a sticky, hard sprays and mousses instead of flexible it still would have ended up the same just not as crunchy.
Here's another style I did on the weekend. Basically I used everything above, I just didn't wait for my hair to dry or put it in braids. Here's where the crunchiness comes in.

Not quite sure I would ever where this look again, but I like the first one.
What do you think? Have you tried this line yet? Girls with fine hair, did you find the same outcome I did?