Illamasqua Phallic (Finally)

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I actually received this the end of last week (or the week before- can't remember). Anyway here are my swatches of the beautiful Phallic! (2 coats)
It was very hard to capture the sparkley glitterness. And I didn't realize how dark the color is in normal lighting. A lot of people asked if I was wearing black.
direct light

thumb macro shot
It's so shiny that it's hard to capture the true glitteriness of it. I think that attributes to the SH Mega Shine topcoat I used. Below is the line up of what I used.
This is a first for me to use these two together. I had heard that SH Nail Quencher Basecoat was awesome and SH Mega Shine said that it would make my nail polish lasy up to 10 days and that it dried quickly so I gave it a shot too.
On the second day I applied an additional coat of Phallic because there was a lot of shrinkage. Unfortunately this was the 3rd day.

a chip?


I couldn't believe it! Has anyone tried this combo (SH NQ + SH MS)?


cmp381 said...

I use Nail Quencher as a base, and then a sticky base on top of that, then the polish color, then a coat of mega shine TC, and a speed dry tc on top of that, w/o any problems.
Phallic was chippy on me too, and I returned it, because it was too dark/black and you could see the shimmer at all.
I would not recommend putting an extra layer of polish on top od a TC, not a good place for it to stick too, which might have contributed to the chipping as well.

Nessa said...

cmp381~ I'm glad it's not just me that Phalllic was chippy on. You are soo right with the too dark part. I only put a layer of Phallic on top of the TC b/c I was lazy and didn't want to redo all of it :)
Thanks for the info!