Zoya Twitter 3 Free Haul!

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I got my Zoya haul last week and I am just getting around to posting. I ordered these when twitter had the 3 free haul a while back.

Here is my new Zoya army!






apparantly I forgot to do a closeup of this one




this one too


I am going paint my nails this one this weekend!

my free little 2oz of remove+
(best remover ever!)

this one I received early this week b/c they ran out

You will see a LOT of Zoya NOTDs to come!
Did you participate in the twitter 3 free? What did you get?


B said...

What a lovely haul, darling!! The remover is the beeeest. I've got like 50+ Zoyas but I don't have a lot of these. Sienna is gorgeous. Do show swatches!

Leanne said...

I would have LOVED to participate in the Twitter 3 free thing; but I got really annoyed at Zoya for not specifying until right at the end that it was open to US residents only. D<

I tagged you for an award on my blog :)

Nessa said...

B~Thanks, girly! Swatches are being uploaded right now, if blogger agrees with me *shakes fist*

Leanne~ Zoya didn't announce that? I don't remember. I know that I got it on the last day though, when they had extended it.
Thanks for the award!

Park Avenue said...

I'm so glad I got in on the Twitter deal. I chose: Melanie, Roxy & Jo. I really wanted to try one of the mattes, but I heard they don't last as long as the regular polish.

Super-love your Zoya choices!

Nessa said...

Park Avenue~ I looove Jo. I got that one with my first order ever. It's so lovely. I'll have to look up Melanie.
Yeah they aren't suppose to last and I really don't like them, but I love red so I thought I would give it a shot. O and you can wear a topcoat over it to make it shiny!