Madberries Makes Me Mad/Crazy! But in a Good Way.

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Madberries is a site where you go to win stuff! Yes that's right, everyday you can log on and sign up to win stuff from cameras to jewelry to clothes.

So if I win this camera above that is up for grabs, my np pics won't look so gastly horrible!

Wish me luck!


Brooke said...

Good luck on the camera! Hope you win. I was in your same predicament when I started my blog, if you look back my pics weren't the best. Luckily I got me a new camera for Christmas and now i have much better results!

Nessa said...

Thanks for your confidence, Brooke. I might go out and buy one, if it's cheap enough, but I really don't wanna go cheap. What kinda camera do you have? Megapixels?

Brooke said...

I have a canon powershot sx110is, it has 9 mega pixels, and 10x optical zoom. I got mine from Walmart, it was around $250.00 but you can get GOOD cameras for cheaper. The best advice I can give to you is go in the store and tell them what you want in your camera (ie. taking close up pictues, etc). I also know that you use the macro mode on your camera to take the really nice close up pics that you see on all the nail blogs. So you need to make sure that your camera will have that option, which i think most digital cameras do. I hope that helped a little! I felt just like you do when I first started, so if you need anything else just ask me! I might not have the answer but I will try :) Have a great weekend!

Nessa said...

Thanks so much for your help, Brooke. You have been such an inspiration and a great supporter. This info totally help and I understood it all. I will definitely come to you when I need help with any kind of blogging questions. Thanks again!