Sinful Colors System Challenge Retake 1

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I removed my polish from yesterday and reapplied one coat of each: Nail Hardener, Basecoat, Mama-San, and Topcoat.
But I FAILED!! Remember the laziness part? Well, not so much laziness as distraction. A little of both maybe. The bf was trying to talk to me from another room b/c he won't come in the same room as me when I am doing my nails, and I forgot to put the basecoat on my left hand! Then I didn't want to remove my left's np, so I thought it would be another test of the np.
I finished my left hand and I put the whole system (hardener, basecoat, mama-san, and topcoat) on my right. So here is my left hand with Urban Decay Potion in Sin:

and here is my right hand:

It applied much nicer with one coat of everything. But I had to touch up the edges b/c of some dragging that had occurred.

Tonight I plan on watching Grey's Anatomy. Idk if I will watch the whole thing, since it is a cross-over episode I think it's extra long and I went to bed pretty late last night.

But before I watch all that I am going to add another coat of the topcoat and we will see what tomorrow brings.