What Does Your Stash Look Like? A Box You Never Would Have Thought Of, Or Maybe You Have?

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So after those hauls, I bet you're asking yourself, 'Where's she gonna put all that stuff?' Or maybe you don't care. Well either way I'm gonna show you.

Here's where I am 'allowed' to keep my stash, otherwise it will 'take up too much room' says the bf.

You can see my lovely Nail Tek stash and the np's are in the green and pink crates. I got all of these from the Dollar Tree! I like the colored crates more than the plastic shoe boxes, b/c my np's always fall in the shoe box ones b/c of that ridge on the bottom. The crates don't have that and they are in different sizes so you can stack them! And of course I color-code them. In the pink crate are my pink np, and in the green one are my misc colors. I need to add to the green one some more I think!
*Take note of the black and white striped box*
Well I have a secret about a super cool, maybe not so new, box where you can stash your stash!

The symbol on top might look familiar to you as Sephora's logo. Well, you're right! I ordered this:

(which is awesome, by the way) and I checked free gift box at the order screen and I got this cool box!

It is perfect for the nailpolishes I ordered. Look they all fit!

So maybe you already know about this, and maybe you don't. So this is an excuse to go buy yourself something nice from Sephora! Maybe the new Sephora by OPI Spring Collection.

MAKE SURE TO SELECT GIFT BOX WHEN ORDERING FROM SEPHORA!!! I believe there is a different option as well. And maybe something about the size of the glossing cream I got.

The next item I would like to buy from Sephora is Thermal Protector For Weak & Damaged Hair or maybe the one for fine hair. I haven't decided yet.

If you haven't heard about this stuff yet check out Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog post about it for coarse hair. Sounds pretty hawt to me!

What do you think of my find? What will you buy from Sephora?