First Nfu-Oh Haul!!! B/c there are more hauls to come for sure!

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Just when I had stopped looking at the order arrived!!! Let's just get onto the pics, b/c they are beautiful!!!

With Flash

#63, #65, #61, Lavender Cuticle Oil, #50, #117, #52
Lamp Light

#63, #65, #61

Lavender Cuticle Oil

#50, #117, #52
They are sooo beautiful! I just wish I would have got them when they were $8.50 instead of $10. To learn how to get them for $10 instead of $12.50, see here.
AND to check out my NOTD with #52 and Sephora Blue Sapphire see here.
Thanks for looking!! One more haul comin up!


Vanessa said...

OMG Nessa, these are stunning! I want those holos :)
Please swatch them soon, will ya?

Nixxy said...

Oooh! I almost ordered #50 but I had to rein the spending. Really interested to hear what the cuticle oil is like - it looks so cool! :)

Nessa said...

Vanessa- I think I'm gonna use the holos for Koni's. Then after that I will wear them. And I will be sure to take pics!

Nixxy- #50 is soo pretty and almost all the bloggers had it, so there was no question why I got it!. The Lavender is awesome! It smells so great. Very calming. The brush is kinda stiff, so it doesn't allow the oil to go all over your nail which is nice. I use it before bed and I really like it. My cuticles are in some bad shape and I'm sure this helps, but not for something this bad. I need all the help I can get!

Brooke said...

great haul sister!

Nessa said...