L'oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

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I had seen this in stores and I thought, '12x more volume, that's crazay!' But when I got the opporunity to test it out, I jumped at the chance and ripped open the package before I could take a pic.

What it claims:
It's made with hydra-collagen and enhances the thickness of your lashes for
up to 12X more impact without any clumps. Our patented brush is 50% bigger so it builds that incredible volume fast. Your lashes will build extra body and extra impact in just one sweep. (source- lorealparisusa.com)

here's that huge brush!

When I pulled out the brush it looked very dry and huge. But when I applied the mascara it came off the brush smoothly- wasn't dry or stiff at all.

lashes without mascara
(did not curl)

lashes with 2 coats

I don't know why that one lash is straight!

I really like this mascara. The brush is a bit big making it a little hard to navigate (you can see this in the lower lashes and the inner ones). The formula is pretty good. I can see the thickness from one picture to the next. It is not a very heavy feel either.

I have made this my new everyday mascara. But don't go for more than 2 coats, then those clumps rear their ugliness.

Have you tried this mascara yet? What do you think?