L'Oreal EverPure UV Protection Spray

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I got an opportunity to try L'oreal EverPure UV Protection Spray.

What it claims:
"Color-treated hair requires special care. This lightweight, non-sticky spray contains UV filters to help protect hair from the sun’s harmful rays and preserve long-lasting color purity. Hair is left healthy-looking and shiny. Infused with rosemary and mint for an invigorating, aromatic experience"

I have never tried the shampoo because my hair is not colored, but I heard it's good for hair that isn't colored either. In fact, my best friend, Emily, told me about it.

I spritzed this on when I got out of the shower one day and the smell, to me, is so strong I had to open the door.

It's a rosmary mint scent and I just couldn't stand it. Emily loves the scent though, so I guess it's really a toss up.

I agree with what it says about being non-sticky. I'd like to think of the texture as a lighter leave-in conditioner. My hair was shiny as well.

Have you tried this? Do you think the scent is too much? Have you tried the shampoo/conditioner?